Home Group/Bible Connections

To accurately represent your Home or Bible Connect group on the internet as well as in flyers and on screen presentations, we will need each group leader to complete all questions listed below. This includes new and existing Home and Connect classes.

Please plan to complete this form each time your topic, leader, address or other pertinent information changes.

All questions should be directed to Pastor Ruben at the office.

Thank you being thorough in completing this form. It will help us to do a good job in promoting your group to the body of the church.


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Bible Connect Group     Home Group

Group Leader Name(s)

Preferred Email(s) Please specify names for multiple email contacts

Preferred phone numbers in order of importance

Topic or study title

Tag line - A supplement to your title
In a few words describe your topic - ex. Why God Created Us

Do you provide childcare? If yes please include ages

When does your group meet?
Please note day of week, start & end time
and meeting frequency (Weekly, monthly or other).

Address of your meeting. If at the church just type church.
If you would like to add basic directions please feel free to include those here.

City and subdivision (Missouri City - Sienna Plantation)

Do you have praise and worship at your connect or home group?

Do you serve food on a regular basis?

Do you have a graphic or theme for your group?
If so, please email it to tom@quail.org
and note graphic sent in the box below.
If you are providing a graphic it should be as high quality as possible.
If you would like us to create a graphic for your meeting please briefly describe your vision.

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Can we use your phone number in church publications?
Yes     No

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Can we use your email address in church publications?
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What is your study using for materials? Bible or another book? If you are using the bible please talk about what book you are teaching from. If you are using another book please mention the title and what the book is about. An example would be Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis. This is an apologetic for the Christian faith.

Tell us in more detail of what you are teaching. We are looking for the heart of what you are talking about.
You can also address the benefit of your group. What do your group members take with them from your teaching.

How does your group reach out to unsaved people?

Describe your vision for someone looking for a Home or Connect group.
Our goal is three to five concise paragraphs describing your group.
You can use bullet points as well as summarize your views.
This will be included in a printed flyer that will be available for distribution.
If you need assistance in this area please contact the office.